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Does your business have a website?

Year on year, more and more of us are using the internet to find the services we need.

But when prospective customers search the internet for the services you provide, do they find your business?

We specialise in helping small businesses market themselves online. Our services are competitively priced so that you can afford a website.

Unlike other advertising costs that recur each year, the money you spend on having a website launched is a one-off investment that will actually SAVE you money.

Is your website an effective marketing tool?

Compared with traditional forms of marketing, such as directories, newspapers, trade journals etc., advertising your business using Your Own Website is by far the Least Expensive, Most Targeted and Most Cost Effective.

But if you're paying online directories or using "pay per click" advert sing to ensure that your website is seen on search engine results pages, then your website is NOT performing as an effective marketing tool. You are throwing money away unnecessarily

By using our services, you can stop paying directories and search engines to appear in their sponsored listings.

Are you in control of your website?

Do you know how many prospective customers visited your website last month? Do you know where they came from? If you're paying to advertise your website in a directory, do you know what proportion of your visitors came through that directory?

Without knowing the answers to these and other questions, you're unable to make informed decisions that affect your business.

Using our services, we'll give you these and other facts about how your website is performing. A managed website will enable planned expansion of your business without the need to increase your marketing budget excessively.

A marketing solution with your website at its core

We won't just build you a website. We'll deliver a marketing solution that has your website at its core. Delivering a website that didn't attract visitors would be a waste of your money! It would be like openning a shop in location where nobody ever visited. Our management programme ensures that the websites we build deliver measurable results.

Once established, a website is like having a chain of shops, covering each town you serve. They are open for business 24/7 and the cost is minimal requiring an outlay of just a few pounds each month.

Our services are affordable and competitively priced. Payments may be made monthly and spread over a year.

If you already have a website which is not delivering the sales returns you were expecting, our Search Engine Optimisation programme can help.

For further information, browse the options on our website. Then complete the form on our Contact Us page and one of our team will contact you without any obligation on your part whatsoever.

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