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The Purpose Of Search Engine Optimisation

The purpose of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to take steps that will ensure that your website functions as an effective marketing tool. To be an effective marketing tool:
  • your website should appear in the top 30 search results each time a prospective customer searches for your services
  • your website should appear "organically" in search results because unlike "pay per click" advertising, it won't cost you a penny
  • prospective customers should be keen to visit your website when they see it listed on the results pages
  • visitors to your website should make an enquiry or a purchase as a result of their visit

Is your website an effective marketing tool?

No matter how professional your website looks, unless it's attracting visitors who search for your services, without you having to pay search engines or directories, it's failing to do its job!

We will follow a Managed, SEO Programme that will address any shortfalls in your website's design and content and implement measures that will improve your standing with search engines.

SEO cannot be achieved overnight. It may take several months of careful nurturing and monitoring before your website's rankings start to improve.For this reason, the minimum length of time that a programme can be considered is 6 months.

The steps we take during the Search Engine Optimisation Programme

We follow a well defined process that ensures that we maximise the full potential of the internet to promote your business.

  • Customer Analysis - We clarify your market and establish the prime search criteria used by your prospective customers
  • Competitor Analysis - We take a look at your competitors to see how your web site's search results compares with their's
  • Website Analysis - We look at the structure and content of your website and make recommendations that will improve your ranking
  • Build Inbound Links - Some search engines assess the importance of your website against the number of inbound links from quality sites
  • Measurement - We'll provide monthly reports showing changes to your search ranking and an analysis of actual visitors to your site

Price Structure

Our SEO Programmes are cost effective and affordable; they pay for themselves in saved advertising costs once your web site is established and consistently ranked within the top 30 results.

The price depends upon the number of pages in your website and the scope of your business.

As a guide, a local business operated by a sole trader who works independently should expect to pay around £40 per month. Please note that the minimum length of a contract is six months.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to implement your own SEO measures, we can provide you with an assessment report which will include suggestions and recommendations to help you perform the task yourself. We'll be happy to provide you with a quote once we've looked at your site.

For further information, browse the options on our website. Then complete the form on our Contact Us page and one of our team will contact you without any obligation on your part whatsoever.

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